Traveling Malaysia for MotoGP 2016 from Nepal

Traveling Malaysia first time from Nepal for MotoGP

I love to watch MotoGP. But I was not into that going to live and watching it sort of state. It doesn’t mean I didn’t want that. It’s just that I have never ever even thought about that. Hence, My friend and his friend (whom I didn’t know before this trip) were planning on going to watch MotoGP live. I had heard it a couple of times but it didn’t take my attention.

Months passed and my friends were very excited about traveling Malaysia and planning the trips. And those were the days I was having a hard time like I applied for a couple of universities for abroad study and I got rejected and my parents were upset about it as well. So, I think now that it was the conclusion of the failure I received on the situation that hit my mind to take this trip and have a break. Furthermore, what encouraged me was the little bit of savings I had from my job. So, I called my friend and asked about the possibilities to join them at last moment and he gave me the positive reply.

Accordingly, It was like 10 days left until their flight and now I had to start the processing of visa apply, tickets and all those things within a week. Fortunately, with the help of my friend, it was possible to manage all. The airplane ticket costs me a little expensive but it was not a big deal.

For me, the main excitement on this journey was an AIRPLANE. Yes! the MotoGP and the new country were also there, but the main thing was an Airplane because I had not been on an airplane before.

As I had my tickets booked later than my friends, I had to sit away. So, I found my seat and sadly it was not on the window side. But as it was my first time traveling on an airplane I requested the guy who had the window seat to switch with mine and he agreed. I know it sounds childish but I did it.

It was a night flight so I discovered, it was not much of scenery to watch but I kept on looking at those tiny lights across the whole journey. It was only 5 hours flight and we arrived Malaysia around 6 in the morning. The airport was huge comparing to Nepal. We went through immigration and luggage, brought some sim-cards for the local calls to the hotel pickups and all.

Finally coming out from the airport we found out it was a lot more humid than we thought. But the excitement got us all forget about it. After some moment the hotel pick-up service came and we hopped in the van. The moment the driver accelerated out of the airport, we were crazily looking towards those clean big lane roads and I don’t know the driver was nuts, but he was driving crazy on max speed.

We checked-in in the hotel at around 9 a.m and got freshened up. Luckily we had this friend brother who has been living in Malaysia for a couple of years and he agreed to show us some places. So, he showed up and took us to the main attraction like Petronas tower and all the city area of Kuala Lumpur. The place was crazy with tall buildings, luxury cars and all. Though, I didn’t like the food that much. After trying some of the dishes, we pretty much ate Las-Namak only. Because the masala and the flavors are more intense than our country.

Travel Malaysia-

After 1st day we dived into our schedule of  MotoGP which was 4 days long with Free Practices and Qualifying and the Race being on the last day. First time seeing the world class bikes which roars like nothing heard before and those riders were much more handsome than in television. It was an unforgettable moment, the real thrill of a race, the sound, the bikes, the people cheering their favorite riders was very exciting.

The thing I only hated about that race was the fans of VR46. A couple of riders crashed in front of my sitting area and all the fans were cheering and shouting. No matter what rider you support, you should have a sportsmanship on these sectors, Afterall they are risking their lives. We who came were also supporting different riders. Like I was supporting Maverick Vinales (who was riding Suzuki at that time), my friend supported Marc Marquez and the other friend supported Valentino Rossi but we were there to watch together. Besides our favorite rider, it’s the race we want to enjoy the whole thrill not only the rider. Well, that’s truth and after this important life lesson. We enjoyed the 5 days of our life, we did some shopping though on the first day while roaming around the capital of Malaysia.


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Finally, After the race day, we returned to the airport and took our flight. This time also I was not on the window seat. But fortunately, the flight was in the morning and the back seats of the plane were vacant. Therefore, I and my friend hopped into the back vacant seats and enjoying the absolutely amazing view down on earth.

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