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How to Take a Full Page Screenshot or Record Screen.

full page screenshot

In particular, I believe taking the screenshot of a full page basically occurs in the web page. Where the parts of the content are hidden and we need to scroll it down. Below are the two normal screenshot and full page screenshot. You may kindly skip the basic screenshot procedure if you are here for full web page screenshots.

You can RECORD YOUR SCREEN from a Chrome Browser with this instruction.

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Taking a screenshot of anything on the visible part of the screen and capturing the whole full page of the screen are two very different things. In order to take a normal screenshot of the visible part is easy just press “PrntScr” on your keyboard and press “Ctrl + r” (this will open Run Window) & type “msPaint”. The paint software will run and just press “Ctrl + v” which will basically paste the whole screen that you have captured by pressing the prntscr button on the keyboard. See, it’s that simple.


Now, the main part. As I have focused this especially for the Chrome web browser but you can also find the extensions in other platforms as well.

1. Open Google Chrome.

Firstly, the step is obviously to open google chrome in order to install the extension that will help us the achieve our goal of full page screenshot. So, you will see the horizontal three dots on top right corner of the Chrome. Click the dots and many options will appear. After that click on the “More Tools” option and from the second drop down menu select “Extensions” as shown in the picture down below. Or you can directly type “chrome://extensions” in the URL.

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2. Browse Store.

After the successful open of the extensions page. Click on the “browse the Chrome Web Store” option or you can click hereIt will redirect you to the web store of chrome for the extensions.

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3. Awesome Screenshot.

Now that you are in the store of the Chrome browser you will see the search the store input place at first left top corner of the website. Just type “Awesome Screenshot” and the following extension will appear in your window. Press “+ Add to Chrome” button as shown in the picture.

full page screenshot

4. Logo in your Browser.

After successful installation of the extension in your browser. You can now see the “Awesome Screenshot” logo in your browser. As shown in the picture down below press the logo, the drop down will appear and select the mode of screenshots you want to take either visible part of the full page.

screenshot entire webpage


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5. Take Screenshot.

Now just go to the web page you want to take the screenshot and follow the step 4 and leave it there. The app will automatically scroll down to the full web page taking screenshots. And the new window will appear as shown in the picture down below with the preview of your recently taken full page screenshot. After the preview click “Done”.

screenshot full page

6. Save Screenshot.

After all, the final process is obviously to save your screenshot in your PCor you can also directly print. Anything you prefer. Your full page Screenshot is done.

full web page screenshot

Hope it was helpful. Thank You!

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