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How to open password protected PDF file. Crack PDF Password.

This password PDF file problem recently happened to me. My bank had sent me some of the statements of my account but it was password protected and I had to unlock the password protected PDF. The hint was some 4 digit number but not very enough to crack the PDF. It was a holiday so I couldn’t even call the bank asking for help and I had no patience to wait. So, I started googling around searching for tools and hardly I found one but It only could crack a 3 digit password PDF. Lucky enough, after some time I found a 4 digit password PDF protected Cracking software.

If you have already searched enough then you can find this iSumsoft PDF Password Refixer all over the internet, but it only works for 3 digit passwords.

But with my way you can crack the passwords up to 4 digits. Therefore, I will guide you through the step by step process to crack password protected PDF documents or file.

1. Download Advanced PDF Password Recovery.

To download the software CLICK HERE. The software is from Elcomsoft. After you click on the link you can surf into their website and click on the download link and download the file as shown in the screenshot below.

open password protected pdf

2. Install the downloaded application.

After fully downloading. Install the application as the installation box says. I don’t think you need help on that. That’s pretty simple.

3. Open the PDF.

Afterward, the complete installation, launch the Advanced PDF password recovery. You can see the image below if you need visual help. Just click on the open to open the file that you need to crack into.

However, mind the red box in the image. Check the boxes that you think consist your possible password characters.

password PDF

4. Select the option.

If you have got the password to open then you can type it down or else click the Start Recovery.

unlock password protected pdf

5. Starts Cracking.

Accordingly, the software first finds out the length of the password and calculates all the possibilities that can unlock the PDF. So, it’s necessary you give the correct information on the first part of the installation like the characters, digits, spaces and all that. Hence, the process begins, give it some time.

how to open password protected PDF

6. Know your Password.

Finally, the application cracks the password and you can successfully open the pdf file and view your content. As shown in the picture below.

unlock the password from pdf

Thank you.

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