Facebook name change Problem. Account disabled while changing the name

Facebook name change ProblemFacebook name change problem with its new policies or whatsoever caused my account disabled.

Are you trying to change your name to some fancy name on Facebook? Then, Please Don’t.

I repeat Please Don’t.

Couldn’t access my facebook account since November 2016 till the date.

My facebook name was not real. It was something my friends knows me by. And I have been using that name since the time I started Facebooking. I don’t remember when but, since the beginning. My facebook name was ‘Pilot Bayeebake Flo’. The ‘Pilot’ is my nickname and people know me by that name. I don’t care if it is fancy or I gave it to look cool.

So, one day I don’t know what hit me on my mind and I thought of changing my facebook name to my original name. Therefore, I started the procedure by going to settings and change name and all that. And first of all, facebook popped a message to use the authentic name and all that. Ok! This is my authentic name and  I am doing that I gave my Name for ‘Review’. As the caption of the submit button was ‘Review Change’.

Then Bamm!!! Suddenly facebook asks me for the Identity request with my account temporarily disabled. I couldn’t even access my facebook account anymore.

Now I had to submit my original Identity – the government issued or any other card that could identify my name and prove that I am legit. First of all, I refused to give them my identity. It was just the facebook, I can use any name I want because I don’t want to be searched by people who know me.

But the automated mailer kept on asking identity. Yes, facebook emails or supports are handled my machine only, as far as I have experienced. So, I had to send them my identification but the identity card had to match the facebook name. And the main problem began. How the heck could I submit the identity documents that matches my nickname or that fancy name I put there to look cool. I kept on saying that the name was my nickname and my real name is ‘this’, I want to put my real name now. But that dumb automated mailer kept on replying me the same thing saying that the identity was not verified and submit the original ID. And I was done there.

Now, whenever I try to log into my account I get this message.

Facebook name change Problem

I know there are lots of scam and fake facebook accounts. But my account was genuine I had not done anything wrong or scammed. I barely used to post. I mainly used for the chatting purpose to be in touch with my friends and I bet many of use for the same except some show off people.

If anyone can help please comment as I have tried many ways from the internet but It was waste of time.  I just want the photos in that account that are important to my memories. That’s It.

 I just want the photos in that account that are important to my memories. That’s It.





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