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How to Stop Ads on Google Chrome. Block Pop-up Ads.

How to stop ads
We will show you how to stop ads on your browser, it also includes how to block pop-up ads and get rid of ads.

Stop Ads and Surf internet safe. Step by Step Procedure.

I was facing the same problem with all the ads popping up in my window and chrome being accessible to many other malicious sites. This is not any advertisement or so. I am sharing this through my personal experience. I used to get lots of malware whenever I used to download something of open untrusted sites because I had to.

Finally, I fount this Adblock extension in chrome that can prevent all the ads problem in my chrome browser and I can surf safely through any untrusted websites.

If you do not know then I will guide you through step by step process about how to block ads from your browser.

Step 1:

In the first place open your Google Chrome. On Google chrome, you can see a three dots bar at the right top corner, Click it. Now you can see a drop down menu and click More tools and under that Choose Extension menu from it. As shown in the picture.

How to block ads

Step 2:

I assume now you have opened the Extension page or you can directly click here to open it. If you have the extension you will see the list of it else you will see the same page as shown in the picture down below. Similarly, now you need to add ad block extension from store, click Chrome Web Store to open the store.

How to block ads

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Step 3:

After opening chrome store. Type Adblock Plus in the search bar and click Add to Chrome as shown in the picture. Else click here and directly add the extension on your browser.

How to stop ads


Step 4:

Now you have installed the Ad block extension successfully. It will look like the picture down below. In addition, you just need to Click on the ADB button you can see on top right corner and enable to ad block feature.

How to stop ads


Now you are safe from all the Ads bothering you. If some websites don’t give you access because of Adblock then you simply disable the ad block for that site. Finally, you are good to go.

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